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Food & Dairy

”Strategy without action is a daydream. Action without strategy is a nightmare”
Old Chinese proverb

Strategy & business development

”The future belongs to those who see the opportunities before they become obvious”
Theodore Levitt

Market research

“A moments insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Multi-Client Reports

“Those who face the unprepared with preparation are victorious”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

3A Business consulting

3A Business Consulting is a food & dairy industry strategic business and marketing consultancy working with all elements in the value chain – food and dairy ingredients is a key focus area.

Strategy & business development

Strategy and business development assignments are undertaken with the sole purpose of improving the client’s competitive position.

Market research

Market research is conducted for individual clients on the B2B market to obtain industry and customer insight on a global scale.

Multi-client reports

Multi-client studies are focused on the global dairy ingredients market and provide an industry and market overview in a cost-effective way.